Anointed To Teach God's Word

Classic Christian teaching from the holy Bible

on April 14, 2013


I will be closing down this blog page today after today (4-13-13). I do so with great distress and personal despair. But I assure you that ALL postings to this site will now be posted to one of my other blog pages:

Why am I doing this?  Well, is harder to work with than And lately I have been having difficulties linking this blog to Printerest. It won’t link! And this blog has hundreds of Printerest followers!  Wordpress seems to have various difficulties. Another reason is that, if you know me, I mow a lot of yards in the summer time for people who are unable to mow their own, or pay someone else to do it for them. It is one of my  Christian “services” to those who are in need. Another reason: my sister recently passed away and I am the “personal representative” of her estate. This alone is quite time consuming to say the least.

I realize that there are many followers of this blog and I certainly love and appreciate you all. But if you would change your settings to:  you will still be able to read everything that I would normally post here on this blog. Don’t be concerned. Tomorrow you will read: “The Believer’s Part in Remaining Spirit-filled # 19 on  There will be no other changes for you to do except change your settings this one time.  “The Beliver’s Part in Remaining Spirit-filled” is one of our most popular articles and one which I would never allow to leave unposted. I truly love my members and followers, and I certainly appreciate your thoughts!

Tomorrow you will find the next sequel to “The Believer’s Part in Remaining Spirit-filled on one of my other blog pages in – I prayerfully ask that you join me there and we will continue with Ms. Paxson’s wonderful Christian writing. Thank you all so much. See you tomorrow!

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